Yallops Yard

Bow, East London


Lovell Partnership

Principal Stakeholders

  • Local authority: Tower Hamlets
  • Artist: Christopher Rutter and Evelyn Bennett


Delivery of a work of public work of art in their Yallops Yard scheme, a major residential development of affordable housing, in Bow in East London.


For the Yallops Yard commission, careful consultation took place within an ‘art group’ set up to oversee the commissioning of the work. This included representatives from the three housing associations linked with the development. The finished piece was born out of an understanding of the tastes and values of the local community.


Following a competitive selection process the artist duo, Christopher Rutter and Evelyn Bennett, were commissioned to produce a dynamic sculpture entitled ‘St. Catherine’ sited at the entrance to one of the residential blocks.

The artists write, ‘In designing this sculpture we are attempting to create something that has an optimistic feeling. We use colour and the impression of movement to achieve this. Some of the inspiration for the sculpture comes from the colour and movement of the circus and circus performers – jugglers and acrobats; some inspiration comes from the motion and visual excitement of fireworks – spinning and shooting out colours, light and fire – hence the title. We want to create a piece that represents a positive and joyful attitude, something that is uplifting and dynamic.’