Devonshire Ward



Eastbourne Borough Council/Eastbourne Homes


Plan Projects was commissioned by Eastbourne Homes to develop an Urban Design Framework (UDF) for the Devonshire Ward, a large area forming the eastern section of the town centre. As part of the commission a Public Realm Strategy (PRS) was required; this identified major opportunities for improving the public realm and how the over-arching objectives conceived as part of the UDF could be translated into proposals on the ground. The PRS addressed the following themes: green space, movement, civic spaces and strategic development.


In conceiving the PRS, preliminary work was carried out as part of Ward Profi le, a study into the current condition of the ward. This work sets out the relationship between the ward as a place and the town as a whole (use images on page 27 of WP) and describes its structure, functionality and quality (use images on page 28 of WP). In undertaking this assessment, three key issues were considered:
  • Hierarchy: an assessment of the breadth of public realm across the ward area and the relationship and frequency of diff erent the scales of green infrastructure
  • Connectivity: understanding how all public realm is networked together, the legibility of linkages and the accessibility of open spaces
  • Quality: taking into account the materials but also the diversity of facilities and features which enliven, provide purpose and underpin safety in public spaces

New Spaces Created

The design response contained within the PRS refl ects an understanding that the ward sits within the wider tapestry of the town. It seeks to identify those elements outside of the ward which infl uence the movement, orientation and provision of public realm assets within it. These include:
  • The Town Centre for retail, entertainment & commercial activity
  • The Pier and surrounding promenade attractions
  • The Railway Station • Eastbourne Park • Sovereign Park and residential areas to the east and likewise identify attractions within the ward which create inward movement such as:
  • The Beach and a range of uses along the Beach
  • Princes Park
  • Tourist accommodation
  • Selective shops along Seaside providing niche products
  • The retail off er in the Cavendish Place/Seaside Road area