Curzon Square

Provision of sculpture to form public seating within Curzon Square.


Taylor Warren Developments

Principal Stakeholders

  • Westminster City Council
  • Rolfe Judd Group Practice


Provision of sculpture to form public seating within Curzon Square.


Curzon Square is an urban space opened in 2003; it is defined by a combination of historic and new buildings. The shape of the square is irregular but takes the basic form of a rectangle planted with two rows of trees laid out in formal symmetry; this is accentuated by the use of York stone paving slabs inset with a pattern of square section sets.

The positioning of the work ultimately commissioned is determined in part so as to encourage and emphasize desire lines through the square and pathways to the various entrances of the surrounding buildings. Their location and placement also create areas that allow visitors or staff from adjoining buildings to sit and enjoy the ambience of the square.


John Aiken's works introduce a sense of play into the site. This is achieved partly through their apparently random positioning, but also through their dual personality: within the works the granite has been cut diagonally, with contrasting light and dark stone being fixed into one oblong shape. Also, one flank of each piece is smooth, and the other rough-hewn. This gives the works a quirky, unusual appearance.