Chelsea Bridge Wharf

Battersea, South West London


Berkeley Homes

Principal Stakeholders

  • Artist: Caroline Lambard
  • Architects: Scott Brownrigg
  • Local Authority: Wandsworth Borough Council, London


Commission for a water sculpture within the landscaped gardens at the development.


A key aspect of the delivery of the project lay in the relationship between the work of art and the landscaping. It was a requirement of the commission for the piece to generate drama through the creative interaction with water, but also for the work to form an integrated part of the landscaping solution.  The themes the artists were asked to address were also intimately bound up with the site. Research into its history revealed that the Sopwith Camel biplane had been designed there. For the client, the spirit of guardianship and calmness was relevant to creation of the landscaped central space. Shortlisted artists were therefore briefed to address these themes in their proposals.


The commissioned sculpture by Caroline Lambard references the site’s aviation history, while at the same time is reminiscent of structures to be found in oriental gardens, thus capturing the sense of peace and relaxation they evoke.

The finished work emerged  through a collaboration between the artist, her engineers, the commissioner and the architects. The profile of the ‘wings’ allows for series of baffles inside lower wings; this slows high-pressured water from legs to create calm, glassy flow of waterfall.