Chatham Ward Community Plan

Hackney, London UK


Chatham Ward Community First Panel


Plan Projects was appointed by the Chatham Ward Community First Panel, a group of residents and business owners, to prepare a plan, setting out how the community could develop in the future, capturing key community needs and priorities. Following fi nalisation of the work, the plan was approved by the Community Development. Foundation, the organisation charged by DCLG to distribute grants to deprived communities, enabling them to release £30,000 for grass roots projects in the ward.


The plan represents a mini Area Action Plan, setting out the key priorities for the area supported by an evidence base derived from listening to the community and material stored in key central and local government datasets. Important issues for the ward included addressing the social stresses caused by incipient gentrifi cation; overcoming exclusion, particularly aff ecting the many children growing up in deprived households; addressing the poor physical condition of areas of the ward, such as neglected shop fronts; working with young people to improve their skills and sense of aspiration; looking at ways of improving the pipeline of housing residents can aff ord and making the area easier and safer for walkers.


Critical has been community engagement work that sought, with very limited resources, to capture the views and perceptions of the whole community. The activities of the panel itself were critical to this, and includes how panel members have, over two years, absorbed opinions from residents on a range of key issues through residents and traders’associations and social media. Activities ran specifi cally to support the plan included workshops with Senior Citizens and Mums & Toddlers groups on housing estates within the ward, interviews with local businsses and members of the creative community, a presentation to the local PTA and School Governors and setting up a stall at the high street Christmas Festival to speak to passers-by.