Greater Manchester, UK

Client testimonial

'From the outset the Plan Projects team displayed a keen understanding of our requirements; they went the extra mile to ensure a properly considered strategy emerged from the process of research and consultation with the Borough of Poole and other stakeholders. The resulting document not only identified how arts projects could add value, but were instrumental in securing local authority support for the development’

James Payne, Design Director, Nikal Property Development and Investment



Principal Stakeholders

  • Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council


Plan was commissioned by Nikal to produce an outline Cultural Strategy  for the Altair site, a major mixed use development, in Altrincham to support their bid to become the preferred developer for the Altrincham General Hospital.


As a town wide study, the strategy looked at how cultural activity could play a part in all aspects of the town’s physical regeneration. To do this effectively, it was necessary to carry out a survey of the quality of the built environment and the town’s physical infrastructure and to consider its place within the urban context of Greater Manchester. 


When delivery stage is reached, community engagement will form a fundamental part of our attempts to understand how Altrincham defines culture and what form of cultural activity, in the minds of the people of Altrincham, will add the greatest value to their town.


The Altair scheme, combined with the General Hospital, creates an opportunity for a much needed regeneration of the town. The cultural programme will be a fundamental part of what makes this programme sustainable by knitting disparate parts of the town together, optimising the cultural value of the newly created public open spaces and breathing new life into the town centre.

Key recommendations

The strategy identified four essential ways in which a programme of cultural activity could play a role in the regeneration of the town;

1.    Addressing the weaknesses in the linkages between the town centre and other key destinations within Altrincham, for example the station and the Altair site

2.    Contributing to renewing the uninspiring nature of the public realm in the immediate vicinity of the historic market area

3.    Changing people's perception of Altrincham as a place.

4.    Generating skills and educational benefits for people of the town.