About Us

An introduction to our working practice and members of our team.

Plan Projects is a multidisciplinary urban practice specialising in spatial planning at the level of the neighbourhood. This allows us to play to our strength: a passion, stemming from a background in culture and the social dimensions of sustainability, in working with communities to develop planning solutions that address their values, needs and aspirations. 
The complimentary services we provide give shape to our strategic perspective: community development to grow a neighbourhood’s stock of social capital; landscape architecture to ensure the spaces between buildings are as social and adaptable as possible; public art that celebrates the way of life of resident communities and urban projects that seek new solutions by employing new ways of thinking. 
Cultural Wellbeing and Community Development
Public Realm Strategies
Landscape Architecture
Public Art Strategies
Urban Projects
Our core team and associates include experts in urban design, public art, landscape architecture, economic development, community engagement, social and cultural infrastructure and event production. We sit along-side developers, architects, town planners and community organisations interested in pursuing a progressive form of urbanism. 
Our services are described in more detail in 'what we do'.